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Related article: Date: Monday, January 10, 2011 March 11 33 -0500 From: Hunter Riley u003cslick_rh hotmail. com u003e Subject : Brothers Just Want to Have Fun Bros Just Want to Have Fun : Part Read 1 Please, if you're old enough and do not mind brothers n to have sex. My name is Benjamin. I have 15 years of age. I think I look pretty much like any another guy my age, but girls seem to think I'm beautiful the livestock. I do not think that look bad. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and I 'm kind of construction. I not running, but I make sure to be thin and fit. growing up, my parents never talked to me about sex, and not not much to learn in health class. I knew nothing about sex or even straw. This changed when he was 13. Had a sleepover with my friend Riley s. We were sitting around playing video games, when turned to me and said it was difficult and had to masturbate course that totally confused, because never before heard the term. "What? " I asked. " You know, you win," he said,The production of a gesture above and below the fist n. I must have looked very nervous when he laughed me. "Oh, my God, they've never done ?" He asked in surprise. " Do what? " (Yes, I know, I was very naive. ) "Okay, go lay in bed," he said. I was in the the bed as he said, and lay aside. He rose from the bed beside me. "Now undress," he said. I was a little puzzled by this, but he began to took off his clothes, so I thought I should. If we are both in our of underwear he stopped for a second. We were both looking at each other in the organs of. He was thin to form a muscular definition begins. Could to see the cock on the side of his boxers - writing. It was around 5 -inch drive. I've noticed, that my hard drive, at times, but when I asked my dad said, it happens sometimes, and just ignore it. Anyway, the two n drew his underwear and lay down again. I found myself in the cock of her s. It was kind of thick and his ballswere among the stranded. My tail began to grow, looking at him. " Well," he laughed, "it seems they are catching up fast. " grabbed her and started moving his hand up and down on it. "Do as I n know," he said. I wrapped my hand around my penis and began to exactly what he did. " This feels weird," he said. " Oh, wait," Riley said, "It is much better :" It was had begun to improve. I could not even explain what happened to me, , but it felt so good. About 15 seconds after all there felt pull , and then I feel more beautiful. This white liquid began to throw my dick to my stomach. Then he stopped, took a for a few seconds to recover. Riley looked at me. "Well, do not last n time," he said with a smile on me, " I'm not even close. " " was supposed to last longer? " I asked a little worried. " Do not worry about that friend, who was the first time," said me, "You know what I always wanted to try again? ""What? " I asked. " Never mind," he said. "It's fun. " Motherfucker now I have curious. " No, I know what it is, I say. " " Well," he began. "I always wanted to know what relates to the someone more idiotic than I was. " I do not think there was anything unusual to help from a friend, so I accepted. " Spread your legs a bit," he said. He did, and went to in the stomach between her legs. I wrapped my hand around his penis and he n moaning started. I started to move his hand up and down his cock. " Oh, Ben, that feels so good. Please continue. " I began to growing fast, and he kept moaning louder. Amid groans, he said, " Ben... think, could you afford? " It seemed strange that he ask, but I liked the way I felt in my hands, and for some n \\ \\ So I really wanted to feel good. Nymphet Lolita " Ok " I replied. The first time I licked the shaft of his cock to see how it cost. I knew kind of moisture, and sweaty. It was a great man - taste. I figmeasure, which was fine, so all the way into my mouth. Quite a suddenly started screaming with pleasure. I could get everything in my mouth almost goes without throat. I moved Nymphet Lolita up and down so s to shout. is is less than 20 seconds, and shouted : "I 'm taking Ben " I stopped and sucked the head, as I knew it was going to start to shoot things out of his cock. It started pouring into my mouth, filling, and coating of the tongue. It was so sweet and thick. Loved it. I swallowed everything, and then subtracted. He smiled and laughed. "They have some runs on the chin, " he laughed. He cleaned and tried to wipe his face to go back to laugh at him. He grabbed me by the hand of s and stopped laughing. Slowly, she began to suck his finger in his mouth s - cleaning your sperm. This was one of the best nights of my life, I think. that certainly knows more about sex, and I have much to do with Riley since that night. It was winter, and I in the school house after hockey practice. The showers at school were not working, so no shower after practice today, so obviously I was very sweaty. I could see my house in the street. It's a big house. Three floors and a basement. I'm not super rich, but I 'm fine out when I got home, I went to my room, I dropped my bag, and I started my clothing. I took off my shirt, which was difficult, as it stuck to my sweaty body. Then, out of his pants. I had not taken my ​​athlete after practice, still standing. I stood there in just my inguinal and looked in the mirror. I loved wearing Scots. The sense of emptiness s ass for me was fantastic, and the fabric tight against my cock felt so good. I saw a well. My bulge in the front of the package is, and my ass was perfectly round, with little hair on it. When I saw him, I started very hard. My shower had to wait. I walked to my bed and pulled the blanket. I clicked on it, all sweaty, and started rubbing me. The smell of my sweaty body intoxicating. I rubbed my cock through my sport. My penis was leak precum wet spot and a in the form of damp white cloth and n. I bent my knees and put my legs on my body, so that seamless access to my hole. I moved my hand down there and started rubbing my ​​ass. That was drenched in sweat all over my ass. I rubbed in a circular motion, my fingers begin to sink and bottom. Soon it was all the way and I was pushing on my prostate. I Dick was asking for attention, so I went with the face of my Jock my ​​other hand. My penis was 6 inches. Pretty good for a boy of 15 years, I to think. I found him stroking his long, slow, but it is difficult. Now he 2 fingers in my hole and I was pushing in and out. I kept shaking out like a finger fucking ass, and suddenly I felt my balls pull. ringd shaking my penis faster and faster. Oh my god this fucking amazing feeling. cum throw my dick. The first two shots landing on my chest, and the rest of the deck of my stomach. , I got up and went to the bathroom. My parents were not home, so I have no stairs to the third floor, however, in only my athlete, splattered with sperm. When I go to the bathroom in the hallway, a door n open. My older brother, Corey came out and I froze. He stared at me, and I stared back. There I was, splashed with sperm, basically naked in front of my beautiful s 18-year- old brother. I was so embarrassed. After he stared for a few seconds, laughed. "Oh, my God take control, you look like a Deer damn it! Chill out brother, your cool. " I is in shock and unable to move. "It seems there was a bit of fun," he said, as he walked ahead of me. I could have sworn I saw him looking at the ass to go through. My brother was the hottest guy I knew. There was coffeeHair, with amazing green eyes. His body was a dream, with his big arms and rock hard abs. I do not know what to do if you do not like to go shirtless, so a lot. He was the typical heterosexual man though. Total athlete, very popular school, the quarterback of the Nymphet Lolita football team. He never had a girlfriend though. I had my shower and I made sure that all the sperm out of me. This time I looked through the door first make sure that the room was empty before running a to them. This time I was completely naked. I have it in my room, no one meeting on the road, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I dressed in and went to take a plate. Corey has returned to have been his room. after dinner I went upstairs. When I went to my room, I realized that is a piece of paper by the bed. I took it and read it. It is said - Little bro you have your jock in the bathroom. Come to my room to -. I wondered why I just could not bring him here, anger n me a little,But I could not help but think it was more to this I miss my sport. I went upstairs and knocked on the door of my brother. "Go ahead," he said, adding n. I opened the door and saw my brother lying on the bed. in my jockstrap. "Hey, Ben. " "Um, hello," was all I said. I was there. "Will you come ?" 'I asked. " Oh, uh, yeah," I replied. I entered the room and closed the door. There was an awkward silence. Corey got up and walked towards me. "There is something I always wanted to do for a long time," he said. "What is it? " I asked nervously. I do not know if it's a joke or not. He did not answer. I looked at eat n as something before going to close and kiss me. I do not know what was going on. I felt her tongue in my mouth, is the massage. We kissed long by at least one minute before he went away, only to pull my shirt. He pushed me to bed, and fell back to the same. He used these contrastsrtunity take off my trousers, I in my underwear. My hard cock in my tight underwear evident. " Brother, what do we have a little fun ? " Said seductively. Moved in my lap and started sucking his cock through my underwear. I complained loudly. I lifted my ass out of bed and took off my underwear, of cock for hire. This seemed to Corey, who dived for, pushes everything in their mouths. I felt it in his throat as quickly extract and neglected. Do not drool all over. I kept blowing and I took my athlete who wore. This was the first time I saw the tail. It was 8 inches thick and truth. I could not stop. I licked and sucking the head. Grunted his pleasure. Suddenly pushed them all to my ​​mouth, deepthroating him. "fuck little brother, Riley is one lucky son of a bitch " he said in an n between heavy groans. If I very hot with a huge cock n down my throat, I was shocked that he knew about Riley, but I was there,or busy. I pulled his tail and let are in bed. I started licking his balls, which he liked, but not as much as when I moved bottom. I brought up the legs and had a great view of his perfect hole. that s was light brown and looked very tempting for her pale skin. There some hair around it, but not much. could not help but immerse yourself in the face and start licking. It s out loud moaning and screaming when I heard so far. He knew what he good. Clean, still sweaty and manly. I licked her hole spasms under the tongue. Lamo in circles, feeling relaxed. I started pushing my tongue into it that make you squirm. I would go my ​​tongue and suck her hole. 'shit Eat my brother ass! It feels so good ! " He shouted. I was a seconds. "No, please do not stop! " He asked. I had no intention of giving up though. He turned his stomach and lay down between the legs. I licked up and down between his cheeks beforeand the spread and continuation of my attack on his hole. I grabbed her ass with my tongue in and out, as deep as I could. I took my tongue and licked the hole just a few more, savoring the taste of my older brother sweaty, sometimes scathing the ass gently. Her ass was so relaxed now, so he ran his fingers 2 hole, and took with it. " Oh my god shit, man ! Please fuck me, I want your cock in n me," she said, pleadingly. I was very happy to oblige. " You got it brother," I said. He is on his knees and leaned Nymphet Lolita n to the elbow. "There is no lubricant in the drawer" he said. I reached into your nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lubricating oil. I rubbed on my cock and massage some of its holes. I wasted no time. Immediately lined up my thick and started pushing her hole in. I was relaxed enough before or even pain. He grunted and groaned as he pushed in all way. I waited a minute to get used to it,but he only said, "Brother What are you waiting for Fuck me" that the tail was withdrawn slowly until the head was almost out, then pushed him back, then pulled the ass squeezed my cock hand. I picked up the pace, take your ass faster and faster until he hit him as hard as I could. The bed was shaking, but their cries covered the sound of blows. While I le he n turned back and put his paws in the air. He sat like damn n that, while flourishing in her beautiful eyes. I could also see her arms perfect, his beautiful chest, belly and thick cock meat that was pulls. I do not want him to cum until she was finished, so I grabbed the arms on his head. I leaned over to kiss him. Our lips met and made my tongue in his mouth as he did the same. I pulled up and stopped and started , fondle and lick the armpits, which tickled him and made him laughter. It was very endearing. Segui, fuck him as I licked. Hair light brown was wet with sweat, and knew great. The only way to n describe the taste is a teenager. that he was fucking my cock hard and still beat prostate. Her cries began, stronger, and he screamed at the top of your lungs, "FUCK BEN I'm running! " I felt his ass tighten around my penis, like huge bull ropes his cock for us. The n tight around my dick me over the edge. I started screaming, like my Dick began to fill his ass with hot juice adolescent boy. After our orgasms kissed Corey decreased rapidly, before pulling her tail, and lift your legs as high as he could. Nymphet Lolita The hole loose and took was in front of my face. There were runs everywhere. I pushed Nymphet Lolita my face in that, licking semen out of him, deep licking before sticking my tongue in the hole juicy suck my milk out of it. All I could do what he was quiet moan and murmur. " Oh shit... oh my god... Ben. .. I love you so fucking much right now. Comer, that cum out of my hole, "he said. After finishing the cleaning of your hole in my semen, let your legs fall back, and I hung up the cum in the chest covered. After a few minutes we both fell asleep. ( This is the end of the first part, I hope you enjoyed it, and I certainly hope , you're out, I'd love to hear your feedback, please email me guys. slick_rh.. hotmail com. )
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